RC Back In Black

RC Back In Black

The Melby Training Center is proud to offer leading barrel horse embryos out of our star horse, RC Back In Black. Known around here as Beauty, she has been our all time most winning horse and has some great accomplishments. 

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3 Time NFR Gold Buckle Winner

During Beauty and Jane's first trip to the NFR in the 2011 season, they had great success at barrel racing. The first gold buckle came on the 3rd round, Saturday night when they finished first place while setting the fastest time of the rodeo thus far. Fast forward to round 8 when they pulled off another first place gold buckle and a trip to the stage of the South Point casino for the awards. Then just two nights later on the last round of the NFR, they won another first place gold buckle in barrel racing. After proving her ability in the 2011 season and at the NFR, Beauty received the 2011 Rising Star Award from the WPRA. Overall, the first ever trip to the NFR was a great success for the entire Melby family including Beauty. Jane and Beauty WILL be back again in 2012!

Finished 6th In WPRA world standings 2011

Beauty carried Jane to 6th place in the overall standings for the WPRA in 2011. It was a long road throughout the season but in the end paid off very well. Jane could not have done it without her star horse, RC Back In Black.

Fastest Time Of 2011 Rodeo Houston

Beauty ran the fastest time of the entire 2011 Houston Rodeo. There was not a faster run than her throughout the entire 20 days!

Canadian Finals Qualifier 2011

Jane and Beauty qualified to run at the 2011 Canadian Finals Rodeo. The rodeo went well but was just prior to the 2011 NFR, Jane and Ryan decided to save Beauty for the big contest at the NFR and ran their backup horses in Canada.

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