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We currently have a few top 1D horses available for sale as well as a great horses that are fun and are the kind that make you look good!

Check out our 'clients' page to see how fun and rewarding barrel racing can be.

We pride ourselves in matching horses with riders and have helped novice riders to pros find a horse that works for them.

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Barrel Racing Clinics

The Melby Team has years of experience training horses, matching horses to riders as well as the knowledge and experience that is critical to winning! We are happy to share and encourange you to contact us.

If you're going to get serious about barrel racing, a Melby Clinic should be a priority. You will learn so much about yourself, your horse and the sport then you ever thought possible.

Melby News

2015 Foals

RC Back in Black aka Beauty is a true blessing to the Melby Team.

Cayla Melby

Cayla Melby

Stories, quick updates, photos and videos of Cayla Melby


Jacqueline Lucas & Simba

2015 MN High School Rodeo Barrel Racing Champions.

Our Clients

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